Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is University Admissions?

The University Admissions is an online platform designed for finding list of colleges and courses as per your requirements. Our motto is to help students make the right decision about their higher education choices.

Q. Is Univerity Admissions Free?

Yes! We don't charge students for registering on our website or applying to their desired college through our website.

Q. Who can use University Admissions?

Even though we designed The University Admissions for students seeking higher education, anybody from Your parents to your guardian can use it.

Q. How can I get selected to my dream college?

We wish we could do that for you but we cannot do anything in particular to get you accepted by your 'dream college'. However we can help you find the best college for you according to your profile.

Q. How do I find the right college?

You can search for a college using the search bar by typing in your desired course or location. We will show you the best results.